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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Intorduction to Printmaking part 2

Printmaking lesson 2 for Spectrum Homeschool

This was the second lesson introduction for the printmaking class.

We did tracing prints. Tracing print is to lay a clean sheet of paper over the ink and then to trace a picture on the back of the paper. The ink will be pressed into the paper as we trace the picture. We did three or four images in class.

Below is an example of a Church window drawing on the right. The small paper was placed on the back of the larger paper on the left which lay on top of the ink and then traced. The ink was pressed into the paper reproducing the image.

Note the image is in reverse.

Illustration of tracing print
Below is another example of a tracing. A picture of a seagull was placed on the paper as it lay on the ink the seagull was traced leaving the image on the paper. Multiple images can be produced this way.

Example of tracing prints
Each tracing was a little less dark as the ink dried. It required refreshing.

(c)Adron Dozat

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