Thursday, January 31, 2013

Art 1 How to Draw Ribbons

Spectrum Home School Community.
Drawing Lesson for 1/31/13

In class today we covered several subjects.
Warm-ups from art class

Our warm ups
     1. Practice drawing and shading squares. Students gave effort to making lines straight.
     2. Serpentine lines. Students were focusing on making the curves equal on both top and bottom.
     3. A face of an animal, real or imaginary, but using only straight lines.
     4. Flags waving in the wind. This led to a demonstration and project.

How to Draw Ribbons From Art Class.
Demonstration: How to draw ribbons and flags. Using two curved lines that parallel for an inch then cross makes a flowing ribbon. A waving flag is a pair of parallel lines that curve back and forth but always parallel. The edges of the folds are drawn last. A pendant is a pair of lines in a triangle but each twisting back and forth and matching the other as they intersect.

We practiced shadows by setting up a lamp and having the light shine on some boxes, in this case Kleenex boxes. Instructor demonstrated drawing the boxes and pointed out the different degrees of shadow, such as shadow inside shadow, shadow with reflected light, some shadows were deeper than others, etc.

Sketch of Boxes showing Shadows.

(c)Adron Dozat

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