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Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Use Different Lines in a Drawing. Art 1

Spectrum Art Lesson For Art 1 1/24/13
Warm-Up Activities for Drawing Lesson

Our class started with a warm-up exercise.
1. Cylinders.
2. Shadow bars each one is darker than the next.
3. Texture like leaves, using shapes like the letter "V" and "W" and similar shapes.
4. A quick drawing of an animal in silhouette.

2 minute Quick Sketch

We did a quick sketch challenge of drawing some tennis balls on a napkin. This is done in two minutes

We discussed various lines and how to use them the examples are:
     * Straight line
An example of student's notes on lines in the drawing.
     * Curved line
     * Wavy line
     * Zig-zag line
     * Short or choppy line, (this also is the line used as texture).
     * Puzzle piece shaped line, (also using the line as a texture).

Using a variety of lines makes a picture look interesting.

We are encouraging the use of tools such as a ruler to draw a straight line or a compass to draw a circle. After all, we would not have much confidence in a carpenter or mechanic who did not have tools why should an artist be any different?

Examples of line drawings were given from artist work see link: Coloring pages for kids.

Students class work was to draw a scene from a favorite movie or story and to try to incorporate as many lines types as they are able.

Students were allowed to choose a variety of subjects for optional drawing. Including a still life of common household items, pages from travel magazines and clippings of sports figures in play from newspapers.  They are encouraged to use a variety of lines in their drawing.

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