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Friday, May 20, 2011

How to Draw Cone Flowers Art Lesson For Young Artist

This printable How to Draw Coneflowers worksheet will work for any of the daisy type of flower

Everybody loves the deep red and oranges of coneflowers.  They are easy to draw and with a little practice, you can make some very real-looking drawings.

Free How To Draw Cone Flowers Worksheet 

Start by lightly drawing an umbrella shape and put a triangle on the top of that, don't forget the stem- they are kind of thick.

 Coneflowers have about 12 petals, so on one side you only see about 7 or 8. Start drawing the petals that are in the middle, these are the ones closest to the viewer. Add petals on each side until you fill them in, you should have about 8 evenly spaced petals. The petals furthest around toward the back are only drawn in part because they are half-hidden by the ones in front.

Shade the seed cone in a crosshatch pattern to get the texture of the seeds.

Double shade the base and the shadow side of the cone. Shade the petals, some will have shading at the tips and some along the edge; keep the light source in mind so the shadows are consistent. The leaves are like wide blades of grass, draw them on alternating sides of the stem; for interest draw a few in front of the stem.

Draw a few flowers like in a garden, they grow in clumps. Make the flowers in the foreground brighter and more detailed and the ones in the background duller and less detailed. You can try drawing a fence behind or a wall or barn or mountain in the background.

If you are using colors take your time and find the orange/red of the petals. You may need to color the petals in layers with a layer of yellow underneath the red to get the salmon-red color right. Try using lavender for the warm shadows and cerulean blue for the cooler shadows. The stems are brown, you might add a dark blue for the shadow on the stems. The leaves are green but try adding yellow for the highlights and blue for the shadows. Add a  lot of green in the picture especially in the background and the coneflowers will look more brilliant.

(c)Adron Dozat

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