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Printable Painting Worksheet, How To Paint Two Flowers In A Vase.

This is a simple project but when it is done it will look nice in a frame or on a greeting card.  The flowers are inspired by the red cone flowers in my wife's garden, but it could be adapted for white daisies or yellow ones very easily.  Parents and teachers will be able to use this printable worksheet in class or as a take home project.

Remember learning to paint takes practice so do one or two as practice first.

To print the free worksheet above just highlight it and send it to your printer.  If you have problems printing see the how to print tab for some suggestions. Some printers work better with this type of image if you drag it to the desktop and print from there.

Printable How To Paint Flowers in a Vase Worksheet
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Trace the outline of the project onto some 140 lb watercolor paper.  If the watercolor paper is too thick to see through then hold it against a window with daylight shining through then you should be able to trace it.

Start with the background. Use a light blue with a large brush and try to keep it smooth.  Use a small brush to get around the flower and vase.

The table is brown so use a large brush to cover the area of the table.

In the lower area add a little darker blue, or violet.

Mix a little lavender with the light brown and put a little around the base of the vase on the shadow side.

Use the same colors at the background and the table but use them lighter and watery to fill in the vase. Do not paint the entire vase leave some areas white

Cone flowers are a beautiful red/orange color. Start with light colors by using a lot of water.  Use a small brush and paint the flower petals red, and the center is an orange.

Paint the stem a light green.


After this step dries add detail with a small brush.  Do not use too much water.  Mix lavender and red and with the small brush draw details by using the very tip of the brush.  Draw the shadows and lines in the petals, and where the petals connect to the flower.

Use brown to add a dark center to the center of the flower and add a dark side to the center.  Draw a green/brown line on the shadow side of the stems.

Use a watery black or dark blue and give the vase some shadows around the edge and on the shadow side.

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