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Easy Lesson For Painting A Simple Still Life, Cup of Tea

This simple lesson has a printable worksheet that you can print

This is a watercolor project with a cup of tea, creamer, sugar bowl, spoon and napkin on a table. Most of the subjects are white so we do minimal work on them- just a little wash in to give shadows and roundness. The dark background is a contrast that brings the subjects forward. We keep things simple so everyone will have good results.

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Easy Painting Lesson for Still Life With Tea Cup.
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Trace the outline of the still life onto 140 lb watercolor paper. If the paper is too thick to trace then try holding it against the window with the light shining through to trace it.

The background is dark but do not use straight black.
1 Start by getting the background area around the subjects wet.
2 Drop in watery blues and reds or blues and browns.
3 Clean your brush and swish the colors around a little so they blend but have interesting clouds.
4 Drop in some watery black but just a little where the background meets the foreground or around the shapes of the subjects. This way the background looks interesting and not just flat. If it is splotchy use a clean brush with some water and smooth things out a bit.

Use a very watery wash of red for the table cloth, add lavender and dark blue for the shadows.

Give the lids their first wash of pale blue and use a blue-gray mixture for the shadows on the white cup, creamer and sugar bowl.

Drop a little darker blues, violets, and lavenders into the watery shadow areas on the cup, creamer, and sugar bowl to give it a more round look.

Drop a little darker blue into the shadow side of the blue lids on the creamer and sugar bowl.

Add a little of the darks around the handles of the cup and creamer.

Use a slight brown on the napkin  and some gray on the spoon.

Add green in the cup for the tea and some green for the tea bag tag.

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