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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Multi-Layered Print Making 2 Spectrum Home-school Community 3/14/12

Home School Art Printmaking continued.
Multiple layered prints. 

Some of our students continued on the multi-colored print project that was begun the week before.

Those that finished began a multiple-layered project to get experience with the translucence quality of the inks involved. To explore the effect students created an abstract or cubist print.

First, a general design was drawn on the block, we use cardboard. The first layer of abstract shapes was attached to the block using double stick tape.  The ink was applied and a print made. We traced around the abstract shapes with pencil on the block to keep as a reference for the second and later colors and then removed the shapes.

Next, a new set of shapes were attached to the block, the first having been removed. The second shapes have some areas of overlap with the first. (this is where the traced shapes help since we are laying on the same block). The second color applied and the second print made on the same paper. Note: be careful not to turn the paper upside down The shapes were outlined and removed as before.

Next, the process is repeated so each color has areas that overlap others and the combination make new hues and colors.

Last a little accent was added with a black outline of similar shapes.

The example has squares and rectangles but other shapes and random shapes can be done also.

Print making Lesson with Multiple Layers. 

(c)Adron Dozat

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