Monday, March 18, 2013

Homeschooling Hardest Drawing Lesson

Spectrum Home School Drawing Lesson for 3/14

Many of the younger students and even the older ones can draw a nice little picture in a few minutes. We even have an exercise called "The Quick Sketch Challenge,"where they are given an object and told to draw it in three or five minutes, it is to free up their thinking and encourage them to master the quick composition that is necessary to many larger projects. However, when the students make a habit of drawing quickly and consider the project done too early many opportunities are missed. When a student works on a drawing for an hour they discover more details, subtle shadows inside shadows, depth, and in come cases entire areas of technique such as texture and value.

 The Art 1 class today had a very hard lesson. Instead of the normal two or three projects they were instructed to only draw one picture for the entire hour. To increase motivation students were allowed to chose the project from the folder of photos and clippings. During the hour the instructor circulated and made suggestions and positive comments.

The results were stunning!

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