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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Homeschool Art Lesson, Pen And Ink.Basic Lines

Art 2 Pen And Ink. 

Our lesson is a practice of different lines. Contour lines, Parallel lines, Crosshatching, Dots. Stylized line, and Direct line.

  • CONTOUR lines follow the contour or the round shape of an object. The bend of the line gives the look of roundness. 
  • PARALLEL lines are parallel to each other. They may vary in thickness and in closeness to give the effect of roundness. 
  • CROSSHATCHING are parallel lines that cross over each other in a fine grid giving the effect of darkness.
  • STYLIZED line is a line that may be fluid in bending around an object and it may be of various thicknesses. 
  • DIRECT line is a line that is clean and even without variation of thickness, it gives the effect of a drawing that looks like a mechanical illustration.  

Students should practice each technique.

A project is attempted. Being a first project students may pick the technique they want to attempt.

Some Examples of Lines for Pen Drawings

An example of pen drawing may be found at the link: Gourds.

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