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Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to Give Variety to Edges in Drawing

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Drawing with Edges

In class today we will have an example of drawing using pencil to give different edges to a picture. This creates interest and variety in a drawing.

We will start with some warm up exercises.
     1. Using the cheek of the pencil, (that is holding the pencil so the side of the medium is against the paper) we will draw swayback shapes back and forth.
     2. Using the cheek of the pencil draw gray bars that are dark at one end and light at the other.
     3. Switching to the tip of the pencil drawing bubbles.
     4. Using the tip of the pencil draw cross hatching.

Exercise: We will draw some cubes and box shapes with different values of grey and a variety of edges some edges are to be sharp and some to be soft and fuzzy. Use the cheek of the pencil for the soft edge, use a blending stub or finger to rub the edge fuzzy. Use the tip of the pencil for sharp edge.

If time allows: Students are to draw a robot with different edges some soft and some sharp. The robot is to be a member of their family characterized as a robot doing a favorite activity. Give the robot metal look with shading, seams, bolts, lights, dials, antenna, one or two pieces of clothing.  Draw some part of the environment like dad robot at his desk or sister robot at computer or brother robot at soccer.

Students will draw something from their backpack or from pocket. Focus on the edges; some and sharp some soft.

Example of warm ups.
Example of  Drawing What I Had On Hand.

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