Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How To Paint An Autumn City Park Scene Worksheet

This is a worksheet I made for an art class I was giving. Parents and teachers will be able to use this in school and at home. It can be used in school as an extra assignment, an easy lesson, or a take home project. It is simplified for the young artist or the beginner and focuses on basic skills and concepts.

Learning to draw and paint take time and practice. If your projects do not turn out the way you hoped they would do not give up. No one is as hard on themselves as a person who has the gift of art. If you are frustrated then GREAT! it proves you have the gift you only need to get your skill up to the level of your talent- which means practice. I have some other how to paint projects in this blog, so come back and try some more. I try to add a project each week.

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Printable How to Paint an Autumn Park Scene Worksheet and Lesson

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Start by tracing the little design onto some 140 lb watercolor paper. This is the heavy paper that does not buckle.  If it is hard to trace try holding it against a window with the light coming through.You could scan the design and enlarge it but watercolor paper is expensive so I suggest you may want to do the project in this small size.

You may notice that the picture is loosely drawn without a lot of detail. Do not try to add detail at this stage, it is a painting you will add detail at the end.

Do the lighter pale colors first.

This is maybe the easiest step. Make some dull gray by mixing blue and black together. Take a medium brush and with a watery load of color wash it into the backgrounds where the buildings are. This dull gray will give contrast to the bright yellows and oranges later.

Use some sky blue for the area of sky showing above the footpath.

Make a slightly darker gray blue and with a small brush give the path some little patches of blue-gray.

Do not get upset if the gray color gets into the trees.

Medium colors.
Let the first wash dry a little before you go on.
Use a red brown for the leaves that are covering the ground. Take you time and mix it carefully it should be more brown than red. Use a small brush and give it a watery wash to the ground. Put some on the path too.

Switch back and forth between yellow and orange and dab the leaves in the trees. Let the two colors mix together. After the leaves are all filled in use the smallest brush and dab a VERY LITTLE red here and there. Let it mix with the other colors.


These are the darker colors.
Mix some brown and black and use a small brush to "draw" the trees and branches. Remember the trees have a dark side and a light side.  Do not let this brush get too wet. Dab a little of the water off before you put in the trees.
Now you can have fun and draw lots of branches reaching everywhere.

Use green for the bench and the lamps. The green will stand out from the yellows.

(c)Adron Dozat 2/9/16

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