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Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to Paint A Mountain Meadow.

This printable how to paint a mountain meadow art lesson and worksheet below is perfect for the beginner and the young artist. It helps provide a foundation for basic painting.

learning to paint and draw takes practice and time. Do not give up if your projects do not turn out the way you had hoped. Frustration is a sign that someone has the gift of art it means that you have to get your skills up to the level of your talent, so paint and draw every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures.

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How To Paint A Mountain Meadow

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Start by tracing the project onto some 140 lb watercolor paper, this is the paper that is heavy and will not buckle when it gets wet. If you have problems tracing through the paper hold it against a window with light coming through and you will be able to see to trace.

If you want to make a bigger picture then use your printer to enlarge the design.

Using clear water wet the sky with back and forth strokes of a large brush while leaving some parts dry. While it is still wet use a smaller brush and lay in some watery blue, but leave the white areas to look like clouds.

Use watery purple, lavender, and violet and mix the colors on the paper to make the mountains, be careful that it doesn't get muddy.

Under paint the distant trees and meadow in yellow.


Mix a darker purple and lavender and use a small brush to draw cliffs and ridges in the mountains.

Use green over the yellow to on the trees. Let some of the yellow show through.

Make a darker green by adding brown and with a small brush add texture and shadow to the trees. Let some lighter green and yellow show through.

With your smallest brush use green and add texture to the meadow. Use long sweeping lines for the distant meadow.
For the near meadow use your brush to draw circles and then fill in the spaces between the circles so the yellow shows.
Take your time on the meadow. It may take as much time as everything else, but that is what makes the picture so beautiful. Keep working the foreground greens so they are darker.

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