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How To Paint A Mountain Landscape Worksheet

This little lesson and its printable worksheet is a good practice and skill builder for any artist. I originally designed this as a drawing lesson but some of my students wanted to paint so I did this little practice lesson for them.  Teachers and parents will be able to use this in class or as a do at home project. It can be a lesson by itself or an extra activity.

Learning to paint takes time and patience. Paint every day and experiment with techniques before long you will not believe what beautiful paintings you are making. Come back and try some of my other projects.

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How To Paint A Mountain Landscape Worksheet

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Start by tracing the design onto 140 lb watercolor paper. If the paper is too heavy to see through then hold it against a window with the light shining through and you should be able to trace it.

Wet the sky with clear water then do a nervous zig-zag with a large brush full of water blue. Do not paint the whole sky a solid blue. Leave random white and blue-white areas show.

Mix together watery sienna brown and lavender and paint in the light areas of the mountains.

Use light green on the far hills and yellow on the meadow.


Add more blue streaks to the sky. Make sure there is blue behind the snow.

Mix purple and dark brown and use a small brush to paint the darker parts of the mountain. Use small strokes so it looks craggy. Paint into the light brown in places. Remember some mountains are behind the others.

The far mountains are lighter. If they get too dark then use a tissue to blot out some of the color. It may help to use a brush an wet the area and then blot out the color. I actually had to do this in our example for the mountain behind the one on the left.

Use dark green for the trees at the edge of the meadow and the rolling hills.

Use a watery gray and give a little dullness to some of the white in the sky.

Mix blue and dark brown and with a small brush deepen any areas on the mountain that need it.

Use a watery blue and add a little to the snow.

Mix green and a little violet and add a little dark green to the trees and meadow.

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