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How To Paint a Picture of the Mission Bell. Worksheet.

This printable worksheet is a perfect practice project for the beginner. Parents and teachers will be able to use it in class and at home.

Learning to watercolor paint takes practice. If you are frustrated in your results do not give up because frustration is a marker of talent that is greater than the skill. Draw and paint every day and soon your skill will rise to the same level as your gift.

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How to paint a picture of a mission bell. 

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Printable notes.

 Trace the design onto 140-pound watercolor paper, this is the heavy paper that will not buckle. If it is too thick to trace through place it against a window with the light shining through and then you should be able to trace it easily.

The first layer of color should be watery and not very brilliant but pale. Use a large brush for the first wash.

Wash in the sky with watery blue color.
Wash the green for the bell.
Mix yellow and brown for a sandstone color and wash in all the walls.


Use a smaller brush.
Mix violet and green for the first shadows on the bell
Mix violet and the brown yellow for the shadow inside the arch and under the edges.

The next step will not be so watery.
Mix red and brown and deepen the color of the bricks on the front. leave spaces between the bricks.
Mix orange and yellow and go over the bricks on the sides remember to leave spaces between the bricks.
Mix violet and brown for the shadow on the crossbeam.

Use your smallest brush.
Mix blue and violet and green to go around the very darkest areas of the bell.
Mix brown and violet for the edges around the bricks.

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