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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Printable Watercolor Painting Worksheet Green Tree.

This is a simplified version of how to paint a green tree in summer.  The project uses a limited choice in colors to make it an ideal project for the beginner.

In this approach, we use wet washes and then follow up with dry brush technique for detail.

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Printable How To Paint A Green Tree Worksheet 
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Printable project notes. 
Use 140 lb watercolor paper for best results.  Center the picture and trace the design onto the paper. This is heavy paper and it may be hard to trace through it but if you hold it up to a light or against a window with the light coming through you may have success.  Do not press hard, the design is a reference and we do not want to see the pencil through the paint when the picture is done.

After you trace the design do the first wash.  Use a big brush.  It is watercolor and for this part, we will use a lot of water.  This wash is the lightest colors because after this wash dries we will put in the darker colors on top.  Put blue in the sky.  Light green on the hills and the grass.  Make a light grey out of blue and brown for the tree trunk and fence.  Use light yellow-green (more yellow than green) in the tree leaves.  Use light brown for the road.

Use a smaller brush, and not so much water.
Mix more grey but make it darker and use a small brush to draw in the dark side of the tree trunk and fence post.  Make a dark wash of green by adding a little blue and put the shadow under the tree.  Use dots and scribbles put green on top of the yellow but leave yellow showing in places especially on the upper areas and sunshine side of the leaves.  Keep dotting and scribbling to adding texture.

Use your smallest brush. Use less water.
Use more dark green in the grass.  Use some darker brown in the road, mix a little blue with the brown to make it darker.  For the darkest greens in the tree mix a little brown and use the smallest brush to paint dots and scribbles on the leaves.  Be sure to use the darker green for the shadow side and do less dark on the sunny side.  Put a little brown on the wood of the fence.

Good Luck

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