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Printable How To Paint Worksheet, Sailboat On The Bay

This free printable how to paint a sailboat worksheet is an easy project and ideal for the beginner or young artist. Parents, teachers, and homeschool families will find many opportunities to us this in class an at home. It could be an extra time activity or a take-home project.

Watercolor painting is not hard but takes practice, so do not get discouraged if the project doesn't come out perfectly just keep at it and soon you will be painting beautiful pictures.

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Printable How To Paint Worksheet, A Sailboat On The Bay

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Start by tracing the picture onto the center of some 140 lb watercolor paper. This is heavy paper and won't buckle when it gets wet, but it may be hard to trace through. I suggest holding it against a window and tracing with the light coming through from behind.

Start with a big or medium brush and give the sky a wash of light blue, do not make it solid leave some random white areas for clouds; (a solid blue sky is boring). Use the same blue in the water. Keep the blue lightest near the horizon; that will give the appearance of distance.  Give the bay hills a light wash of pale brown.

While it is still wet add some darker blue to the top third of the sky and some darker blue to the bottom third of the water.

When the hills are almost dry, but not quite, add some darker brown by mixing blue to the brown using the tip of a small brush draw shadows of cliffs and shadows of rolling hills, do not paint over all the light brown let about half of it to show through. After that is almost dry use the smallest brush you have and make some even darker brown and do a little more for the deepest shadows.

After the water is dry add some darker blue, if you do not have a dark blue then try adding a little bit of green or brown to the blue, and with the dark blue draw horizontal lines back and forth to give the look of rolling water, but only in the bottom area- leave the distant water smooth. Remember the front of the boat has a splash so keep that white.

It is a white boat so all we want to do is a little shadow and reflection from the water. Keep the paint watery and put a little blue along the side of the boat and at the back.

Paint the cabin red. Go around the circles for the windows. Let the red paint dry and then paint the windows dark blue or black.

The sails catch a little of the golden sunlight so mix a little yellow and brown and put some watery yellow/brown in the sails.

The sailor is simple do not try to give him too much detail.

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