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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Art 2 How to do Easy Printmaking

Art 2 Print Making

We used Styrofoam plates to make a relief print. We drew a picture on plate and cut around it and taped the picture to a piece of cardboard and and then print the picture.

Ideas for subjects:
Cat, clown fish, rose, flower, face, name or word, dog, train engine or caboose, any animal.

Valentines day hearts. red ink on heart. a second design with black over the red.

Below is an example of using Styrofoam to make a raised relief print.

First a cat or panther face was drawn onto the Styrofoam, it was then cut out using a craft knife, and using double stick tape attached to a piece of cardboard, in this case it was the cardboard from a cereal box.

The detail of the eyes were inscribed using a pencil.

When inked with a brayer the ink remains on the raised surfaces.

When paper pressed onto it leaves the image of the panther.

Printmaking Using Foam Plates

Below is an example of the results. I chose to only make three prints but an artist could make many prints.

Relief Printmaking, Using Foam Plate and Cardboard.

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