Thursday, January 10, 2013

How To Use An Edge To Compose A Picture. Art 1 Lesson

Home School Art Lesson 
Using an Edge in a picture.

Our class started with some warm up exercises:
     * Triangles. Draw a row of triangles where each line is straight and the triangles are perfect.
     * Double Curves. This is shaped like an "S" but emphasis is to make the top and bottom matching curves.
     * Concave lines in a twisting row. Here the lines of a zig-zag are all curved.
     * Practice of drawing "Articulated" Stick figures. These stick figures have elbows knees, chest and hips. 

Warm up exercises for art 1, January 10
Most students start drawing with lines and progress to other elements. Some grow up and return to lines as masters.

Our demonstration started with a line drawing of a baseball bat, a toy chest and a toy boat. All began as line drawing. The picture was gone over again using shading technique so the lines were now edges between the light and dark areas. There are elements left of the lines, and elements of shadow and elements of negative space in the finished project. The remaining line of the crack between the top lid and base of the toy box is more interesting even meaningful when all the other lines are turned into edges of the dark and light areas.

Example of using edge instead of line.

After the demonstration the students composed their own pictures to practice the technique of using an edge instead of a line.

(c) Adron Dozat