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Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to Use Color for Brilliance in Watercolor. Art 2.

Homeschool Painting Lesson
Using Color for Effect

This is the last week in our watercolor unit.

In class we will have a demonstration of how to use color for effect. There are several techniques for this. We used muddied dark colors to bring out the contrasting pure light colors. The muddied colors were mixed with brown, purple, blue, and green the colors blends to make a dulling effect. This can add a dramatic effect bringing out the lighter colors.

Illustration of color for effect
The example of the mushroom illustrates using multiple colors to make a "Muddy" dark background to give a contrast to the pale pure colors of the the mushroom where few colors were used in wash.
Illustration of color for effect.

The illustration of the butterfly show the contrast of using contrasting colors to highlight each other.  Green is opposite of pink so each color makes the other appear more brilliant.

Next week we will start the unit on print making. The supply list is posted elsewhere on the blog. 
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