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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Negative Space In Painting. Lesson For Art 2

Lesson plan for Art 2
November 15
Using Negative Space

Today we are developing the idea of leaving a point of interest white while developing the areas around as in negative space. (There is more than one definition of negative space. Here we use the idea of developing the area around the subject and leave the focal point white or at best minimally developed.)

We will have a demonstration of wash and wet into wet technique. Wet a large area, using a mix of watery medium drop in watery color. We are not painting a wall- don't stroke medium back and forth but let it flow, blend and mix on its own allowing for texture.

Students may choose from several projects, White boats on a lake, seagull, white flowers, white cat on dark background.

The illustrations below were done in about 40 minutes; notice the white of the flower and the white of the boats are not painted but left uncolored using the technique of negative space so the white of the paper shows through. The background texture was done with a wash and drop in technique.

White Flowers in negative space art lesson illustration

White boats in negative space art lesson illustration

(c)Adron Dozat

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