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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lesson Plans For Art 2 November 8

Art 2

Today we will finish our unit on expressive drawing. We did facial expressions and body language expressions. Today we will explore mood in a drawing.

Warm ups. First: draw lighting bolts with a heavy hand so the lines are hard and rough. 2: draw teardrops but with a light hand so they are very "See Through" 3: Draw  rows of daisies.

Our class project using stuffed toys for models students will be to draw one example each of a dark mood and a light mood, the stuffed toy may be posed and given expression to reflect the mood.. The dark mood could be drawn with a heavy hand or darkened background or darker pencil etc. The light mood could be  with a light hand or wispy lines or using texture, the toy may be posed and given expression to reflect the mood.

If times allows a kitchen utensil will be staged to draw in this third the students must draw it with a mood and label the mood

Demonstration of watercolor technique. Wash and Wet into wet. Students will follow an example of water color and paint a rural road scene.

Supply list for the water color unit will be given out.

(c)Adron Dozat

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