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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Negative Space in Drawing Lesson 11/15/12 Art 1

Art 1 November 15
Negative space.

For warm ups we will be doing some shading exercises. 1. Using the "Cheek" of your pencil shade in some squares. 2. Shading comet where the tail gets lighter in value. 3. Draw a family all in silhouette, including a pet. 4. White dots by shading the areas around the dots. 

We are going to work in negative space where the area surrounding the point of interest is dark and the subject is left white.  (There is more than one definition of negative space. Here we use the idea of developing the area around the subject and leave the focal point white or at best minimally developed.)

Students may choose several projects: A white boat on the dark sea, a seagull in the dark sky, a white flower in a dark garden, a white swan on a dark lake or a white cat in a dark room. In these projects the focus is left undeveloped but the background and surrounding area is drawn in.

Warm up exercises for Art I lesson,

Illustrations of Negative Space Projects 
Illustration of Negative Space Project for Art 1 Lesson

Illustration of Negative Space Project for Art 1 Lesson. 

(c)Adron Dozat

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