Thursday, October 25, 2012

Art 1 and Art 2 October 25

Art 1 and Art 2 October 25

This week we did not do any warm up or pre-drawing exercises but took a few minutes to discuss a few guidelines for adding expression in simple portrait drawing. Using a cartoon mouse face outline we drew six different expressions, happy, sad, angry, etc.

We discussed the importance of the picture telling a story and drew three thumb nail examples. 1. A cat with a sad face holding a sign that said, "lost puppy." 2. A picture of a cat with an angry face holding a baseball mitt and bat. 3. A picture of a cat with a disappointed face holding a, "he loves me loves me not daisy" with only one petal.

The artist were to choose one of three still lives to sketch and add an element so the still life tells a story.

Students in art 1 used pencil, students in art 2 used charcoal.

Any who need to make up lessons or want to have extra instruction may come to South Columbia Baptist Church from 630 to 830 Thursday night. Email me if you have questions.

(c)Adron Dozat

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