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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lesson Plan for Art I November 1

Art 1 November 1

This week we are continuing our theme of expression in drawing.

For warms up we will draw some straight lines and dots. 2. Lines that are curved and circles. 3. Peanut shapes. 

We will practice drawing human proportions with basic line-drawing; this is something like a stick figure but more full, jointed, and rounded. 

We will draw several practice drawings of people in expressive poses; such as joy, sorrow, anger, etc.
We will use the wooden model we will draw several poses that have different expression 

Students will draw an imaginary scene where the central figure is posed expressing an emotion of their choice. This can be any style they choose, fantasy, realism, etc.

Long term project is due.

(c)Adron Dozat

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