Friday, April 15, 2011

How to Draw a Woman's Face Profile.

It is easy to draw this ballerina's face in profile. Since the hair is up in a bun you can concentrate on the face. 

Free How To Draw A Woman's Face In Profile Worksheet.

First draw a large circle a little above the center of the page; keep in mind if you put it too low it will make her look short or too high and she will be too tall. A large "L" will form the jaw and front of the face.  I recommend drawing lightly as if your lines were made out of "spider thread" this makes it easy to erase later on. She is looking up and so keep that in mind as you make some simple reference lines across the face. the first reference line will be about half way down for the location of the eyes. half again for the nose and half again for the mouth, but they are not drawn straight across but parallel downward. The ear is tilted back at the top so draw a reference line for that following the same tilt of the face.The ear looks like the letter "D" with a letter "S" inside it. The eye is almost a triangle since you are looking at the side of the eye. Keep the nose and the mouth simple. Draw the details of the face lightly then use a blending tool to smooth everything out. There are very few lines in the face but a lot of shadows so try to do as much shadowing as possible.Do the hair last. Shade in the hair pulling the streaks of shadow in the direction of the hair. Use the blending tool to smooth it out and use an eraser to bring back the highlights. I sketched this portrait in marking pens but you can use any medium.  This one is a good practice project.

(c)Adron Dozat