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Art lesson Plans for April 7 2011

Art Lesson Plans April 7, 2011

PRE CLASS: Did any one draw during this last week? (Such as skill builders, long term, other).  What can they show the class?  Positive constructive peer reactions are encouraged, no criticism is acceptable. Honorable mention to Riley Fahs on his RomanTower.

WARM UPS: 1. Texture practice, shading practice with side of pencil to develop gradations as in a cylinder. 2. Circles, (I know- boring- but an important skill they are everywhere). 3. Irregular lines like the top edges of bushes or tree leaves. 4. Shading with the side of the pencil in a “U” pattern and a “C” pattern.

QUICK DRAW CHALLENGE: A small still life is set up with cans, coffee cup and a box of tea, Students draw in 5 minutes time.

CLASS PROJECTS:  It was a nice day so we sketched outdoors at the front of the church. I did a demonstration of drawing steps and the front of the church and how to compose a picture using these elements. We also sketched the flowers in the garden and discussed problems of sketching outdoors in bright sunlight.

TAKE HOME SKILLBUILDERS: Our take home skill builders this week are the Red Baron a WWI Ace, “The defiant” a tree stump with a branch growing back, and a Floral scene of flowers in a old rusty watering can.  Again I was working on these until 1 am and I hope the kids enjoy drawing them. See the blog for additional helpful notes.

LONG TERM PROJECT: Continue to read the Book of Acts and illustrate each chapter. Keep these illustrations in a folder to mount later on. One illustration must be a person.

OUR INSPIRATION FOR TODAY: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”  1 Corinthians 10:35 NIV.
Whatever we do if it is big or little special or common we must have the attitude that we are doing it for the glory of God. We do not want to offend anybody or cause someone to stumble in their faith. We don’t want to do a sloppy or half hearted job, we don’t want to complain or have a bitter grudge about the project. We want to pay attention to details, do it with a thankful heart, ask His help, and be sure when you are done you can honestly say, “Lord I did this in a way to honor You.”

Let me know if you are interested in joining The Summer Sketchbook Club meeting once a week for 2 hours to sketch outdoors during summer. Let me know which day is better Wednesday or Thursday. Club size is limited, cost is 10.00 per week, and siblings are discounted. (It is a great excuse to get outdoors!)

I am always happy to do a make up lesson at your home. Just get in touch.

(c)Adron Dozat

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