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Friday, April 15, 2011

How To Draw an Open Book With Pen and Ink for the Young Artist

This printable worksheet is an easy skill-building lesson that is not only good practice but also a design that is handy to remember and use in posters and fliers.

Free How to Draw An Open Book Worksheet

Start with a simple rectangle and divide it in half.  The book shape is laying on the table so the bottom is closest to the viewer and the top is farthest away this causes the perspective to cause the top of the book to narrow since parallel lines meet at the horizon if you are not careful the book looks like it is standing up and don't you know that is the mistake I made in my drawing- it does not come together enough at the top. The top and bottom are wavy lines that show the curve of the pages keep these lines parallel and even. Draw the outside of the binding.  Use thatching technique to create a shadow. The shadows at the top should be balanced with some shadows at the bottom. The shadows in the background help the foreground to come forward. Add the details and interest material like the candle and the quill pin.

I drew this in pen and ink so I could use the copier better. Before I ink it in I drew the entire picture in pencil and then redrew it in ink. It meant drawing it twice but it is better to take your time and make a beautiful picture. 

(c)Adron Dozat

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