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Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to Draw a Space Ranger. (Focus on lower face) 3/17


Here is a printable skill builder drawing exercise that gives attention to the lower half of the face.

Even though we are covering up the top half of the portrait with space helmet and goggles we still want to start by drawing the outline of the entire head this helps us to keep our proportions correct.

Since attention is on the lower half it is very important to use the line down the middle of the face to keep balance and have everything lined up.
The eyes are about half way from top to chin, you still want to make some marks to remember where they are.
The nose is half way down from there.
The mouth is about half way down from the nose. The nose starts like a series of three circles but you want to shade them into angles. The nostrils are shadows, don't draw them dark like caves in the face, they are angled and slightly pointed inward.
The mouth is like a very flat letter "M" with a small letter "V" above it and a large lower case"n"below it. Try to shadow the mouth instead of drawing it with the pencil tip.
The jaw is square and the jaw line is straight. This gives him a young manly look.

Draw him loosely and lightly at first. Take rest stops: put your pencil down and look away for a minute, when you come back double check your work and make corrections.


All those little things that make him cool- add them after you have built up a good foundation of a great drawing.

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