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Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to Draw a Lady Bug for a Young Artist,


Here is a Skill Builder to help young artist to draw their favorite bug. It is a good drawing to use to decorate anything in springtime.

The lady bug is oval or egg shaped. You can practice drawing the egg shape or use my little formula. Start with a rectangle, this is just to help control proportions and give some boundaries. At one end draw a circle that touches the outside narrow edge of the triangle and the two long sides. Draw lightly you will be erasing some of this. Starting at the center of the shorter line opposite the circle draw a half arch up to the top of the circle and then draw another half arch to the bottom of the circle. This should give you a nice egg like shape. You can erase the rectangle lines now. (Don't erase the circle just yet, you will find it helpful to place the spots). Inside the egg shape draw a long letter "T" on its side.  Round in the points where the "T" touches the outside of the egg shape. Round off the head. The dots on the lady bug are not perfectly round but do have a pattern that is the same on all lady bugs. Using the circle guide drawn before draw two dots one on each outside edge farthest out, then two more one on each shoulder, now erase any extra part of the circle. Draw two large spots by the point where the back legs will be, and a large one on the neck that is underneath the cross of the "T". Don't forget to draw legs! The lady bug has 6 but I only draw 4, so they don't get too cluttered. The cheeks have white spots, and the head has two antenna.

(c)Adron Dozat

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