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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spectrum Art Class March 10th

Adron’s Spectrum home school art lessons March 10, 2011

WARM UPS: Our warm ups are different today. 1. Circles randomly drawn, some over others, after 30 seconds change pencils to a darker finishing pencil and turn random circles into clouds. 2. Short choppy vertical lines in rows, the bottom rows are larger and the ones above become successfully smaller and lighter. This should create grass. 3. Scribble randomly to make triangles filling in the triangles with scribbles, overlapping the triangles. Choose and erase unwanted lines this should give the effect of mountains in the distance. 4. Using the side of the pencil and block out technique sketch random buildings.

SPEED SKETCH CHALLENGE: 5 minutes! Using the 4 warm ups create a scene with grass in the foreground mountains in the background and buildings in the middle ground. The sky will have clouds drawn in the circular fashion. The skill builder was followed with peer critique and discussion of varying methods to create interest in a composition.

CLASS PROJECTS: For advanced students mirrors were distributed for the kids to use as each drew a self portrait.

TAKE HOME SKILL BUILDERS: Skill builders were given to the class. I have observed some kids like fantasy so today we have a fantasy Dwarf Warrior. To continue our emphases this quarter on portrait we have 2 portrait studies that focus on eyes. First an old west bank robber with a bandanna over his face so attention is given to the eyes. Second the 3/4 view of the woman at the well from John 4. The veil hides the lower half of the face so attention is given to the eyes.

LONG TERM PROJECT: Continue to read the book of acts and illustrate each chapter with 2 drawings, one must be a person from the chapter.

OUR INSPIRATION: From the Old Testament: 2Chronicles 2:11.- 14 "Hiram king of Tyre replied by letter to Solomon:…13.'Now I am sending you Huram Abi, a man of great skill, whose mother was from Dan and whose father was from Tyre. He is trained to work in gold and silver, bronze and iron stone and wood and with purple and blue and crimson yarn and fine linen. He is experienced in all kinds of engraving and can execute and design given to him. He will work with your craftsman and whit those of my lord, David your father.'" You would think the Bible would give such attention and detail about the chief foreman or the master over the workers or the engineering or the architect. but the bible takes time to describe the artisan who made the beautiful and finely crafted things that filled the temple. Look what it ways about him he was trained and experienced and confident. He was multi talented. Let him be our example that craft and skill can lead to enduring service such as making the temple.

Here is the skill builder of the Wild West Bandit "Black Bart"
This is an exercise to focus on drawing eyes. Really there is not much to Black Bart the Bank Robber, so he is easy to draw. Start with the egg shaped head, you want to do this even though much of it is covered by the hat and the bandanna so you will be true to the proportions. The eyes are about half way but if you mess this up don't worry you can change the bandanna or the hat to re-proportion it and hide any mistakes. The eyes are squinty but you still want to start by drawing the full circles of the iris and pupils so you can keep the proportions. The  eyebrows have a direction see the drawing the hair goes one way then the other. I am always telling my students  to draw faces with shadows and  not lines but Black Bart has a lot of worry lines around his eyes so go to town. Don't worry if the hat is not straight or even it is old and beaten up. If you have color pencils then I think his eyes should be blue and skin pale and his hair black.

Here is the skill builder of the Woman at The Well from John 4.
This is also an exercise on drawing eyes. She is turned 3/4 so start with a vertical meridian line bowed across her face to anchor  the  features. the eyes are a little lower than half. Her eyelashes are thin and fine they arch slightly. The eyes are flowing in shape, the eyelashes are long and flowing. The veil hides the lower half of the face you can use a blending tool or a very light touch to indicate nose mouth and chin, but keep it mysterious. You have to put in your own shading but keep it light. Color her skin a light milk chocolate, color her hair and her eyes dark brown.

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