Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spectrum Art Class February 3rd, 2011

Warms Ups:
1. Cross thatch holding our pencils in a low near the point position. 2. Ocean waves holding our pencils at end position. 3. Draw “Woody” our wood figure model in scribble scrabble taking no more than two minutes. 4. Draw triangles in negative space by shading in the spaces around them. 

Class Project: 
1. All students were to draw the human figure with basic dimensions, using the photo on the cover of Dance Magazine as the model. (Xerox copies were distributed).
2. Students who are working in color were given opportunity to draw a still life with fruit.
Emphasis is on challenges of color pencil medium compared to wax or pastel.
3. Challenge project sketching a face from the Newsweek magazine (Xerox copies were distributed).

Optional Take Home Skill builders.
A page with illustration of drawing a butterfly using basic shape and a tree using various pencil techniques were distributed for take home. It is hoped every student works on these during the week.

Our long Term Project: Travels in Acts.*
We will be making a photo album (but sketching instead of taking photos). This week find a folder or large envelope to put your work in. and label it Long Term Project: Travels through Acts. Look up a map of the bible lands showing Jerusalem and the immediate surrounding areas and draw a map of the holy land. Use any medium such as ink pencil charcoal water color. Read Acts chapter 1 and draw 2 pictures to illustrate things from Acts Chapter 1.  One picture must be a portrait of a person. Find one verse that is special from Acts chapter 1 and draw it in your best handwriting make it look special. You do not heed to use a whole page.  Put it in your folder and bring to class next week. NOTE: Don’t put off working on this.  This project will get very big very quickly.

Our inspiration for today:
1 Chronicles 9:20, "In earlier times Phinehas son of Eleazar was in charge of the gatekeepers, and the Lord was with him." 1 Chronicles 9:20. NIV. Even if our task is lowly liking being chief gatekeeper there is the promise that God may still be with us. The gate keeper would open doors and we should have an open heart to God.

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  1. Your artwork is wonderful! I'm really enjoying your blog!