Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Specrum Homeschool Community Art Lesson 2/10/11

WARM UPS: Three dimensional squares, holding pencil in the common position. 2. Double "S" swirls, holding pencil in the over position 3. Balls using shading techniques. Holding pencil in the eraser end position. 4. A "timed quick draw challenge." drawing an old shoe, the students sketch quickly. It is only a warm up and no need to be perfect. Time 4 minutes.

CLASS PROJECTS: 1. Vase with tulips emphasizing summitry of form
2. Graphic art and design project Valentines Day Greeting card with Hearts. Introducing basics of calligraphy and layout. 

TAKE HOME SKILLBUILDERS: Drawing smiley flowers, heart, and seagull. Students who need confidence are encouraged to do these.

LONG TERM PROJECT: Read acts chapter 2 and draw 1 people picture and 1 illustration of something from the chapter. The illustration can be any subject found in the chapter.

OUR INSPIRATION FOR TODAY... "Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid." Proverbs 12:1. NIV. A good artist needs the self discipline to work his craft every day.  So also we need self discipline in our lives. There is the discipline that comes from the teacher or master or God we must know that we need that kind of discipline to develop and mature. If we are resentful when someone attempts to correct us we are making a foolish choice.

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