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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spectrum Homeschool Art Lessons Feb 17

Spectrum Homeschool Art Lessons Feb 17

WARMS UPS:  1. Gradation practice with vertical pillars light at the top and dark at the bottom. 2.   Rolling circles like springs. 3. Cones giving attention to shadow to make forms. 

QUICK SKETCH CHALLENGE:  A plastic garden watering jug. Students must do a quick sketch in 4 minutes.

CLASS PROJECTS: Last week we did not get to do the vase with tulips so we will work on that this week. We will focus on symmetry of form. Kitchen items were arranged in several still lives for alternative projects.

TAKE HOME SKILL BUILDERS: I had hoped to have more this week’s skill builder were a portrait of King Arthur as an old man, and a portrait of a smirf or pixie in a fantasy style.

LONG TERM PROJECT: Read acts chapter 3 and draw 2 illustrations in any style and medium you wish to use. However one of the illustrations must include be a person Title your illustrations and keep them together.

OUR INSPIRATION FOR TODAY: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13. This does not mean God will give us super powers but more like he will give us super patience, and super perseverance. If you have a project or a job that is too hard pray and ask God to give you what you need, it will not get you out of a stinky job but maybe you won't smell it so much!

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Printable drawing worksheet

Printable drawing worksheet

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