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How to Paint a Garden Wheelbarrow With Flowers, Art Lesson and Worksheet

How to paint a Garden Wheelbarrow with flowers art lesson worksheet is a good practice project and skill builder for any artist. Teachers and parents will be able to use this in class or as a do at home project. It can be a lesson by itself or an extra activity.

Learning to paint takes time and patience. Paint every day and experiment with techniques and before long you will not believe what beautiful paintings you are making. Come back and try some of my other projects.

To print How to paint a Garden Wheelbarrow with flowers worksheet below just highlight it and send it to your printer or save to your device to print later. If you have problems see the how to print tab above or try one of the enhanced files below. Remember to set your printer to color.

How to Paint a Picture Of a Garden Wheelbarrow With Flowers

Here are two updated links that may print better.

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Printable notes.

Trace the design onto 140 pound watercolor paper, this is the heavy paper that will not buckle. If the paper is too thick to trace through place it against a window with the light shining behind it and then you should be able to trace it easily.

CLICK HERE to see a larger more detailed version of this project.

The first layer of color should be watery and not very brilliant but pale. Use a medium brush for the first wash.
Be careful to go around the flowers. Use orange for the base color of the wheelbarrow.

Wash in the sky with watery blue color. Let it mix with the green in the background. Use tissue if needed to lift out color if it gets too bright. Add dark color to the area below the wheelbarrow. Use a small brush and place red over the wheelbarrow but leave areas of orange showing through. Use purple and black for the shadows. Use brown for the wheel. Mix green with a LITTLE red or purple and draw the shadows in the leaves.

Mix green with a LITTLE brown for a darker green and use a small brush to add detail to the grass. With the small brush add pale watery color to the flowers. Make some flowers yellow, lavender light blue and pink. Do the brown centers of the sunflowers AFTER THE YELLOW DRIES. If colors blend in a way you do not want use clear water on a brush and a tissue to lift it out, then after it dries try again.

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  1. I am currently subbing in art at our local school and your site (and worksheets) are such a gift. Thank you! I'm sending a donation now as a small token of my gratitude! You're such a talented and generous artist.