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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Printable How To Paint A Picture Of A Tulip, Lesson And Worksheet

This is a free easy project that offers some tips for painting a watercolor picture of a simple tulip. 

This is ideal for the beginner and the young artist. It is a simple project and will help the student develop some foundations in mastering watercolor.  The finished painting will be one that the student will be proud of and feel more confident in their abilities.

I created this worksheet and lesson for my own students and it was well received by them. I was gratified to see some taking risks in their art and stretching their abilities.

Parents, teachers and homeschool families will be able to use this in and out of class.

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Printable Worksheet for How To Paint A Picture of a Tulip

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Start by tracing the design onto 140 lb watercolor paper. If the paper is too heavy to see through then hold it against a window with the light shining through and you should be able to trace it.

Wet the background with clear water. Use do a nervous zig-zag with a medium brush full of watery blue. While it is still wet and dabble a little red blue so it has a shadowy effect in random places.

Use a medium brush to with a watery mix of light green for the stem and leaf.
Use a watery red for the flower.

This step is different since instead of using watery color use the color a little dryer. Touch the brush to a paper towel or the edge of the palette to make it dryer.
Mix a little red with the green and use a small brush to draw in the basic shadows.
Use the very tip of the brush and draw the lines in the leaves. With a darker green.

Mix a little purple with the red and put in the shadows on the flower.
Use a small brush and use red to draw the lines that are on the flower.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope this project is fun and helpful for you. 

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