Thursday, August 22, 2013

Home School Art Lesson, Resources and Design a composition.

Art Lesson. Composition using resources.

There are many forms of composition and many rules that make a good piece of art.  Young people are not aware of all the homework that goes into making a design of a good picture. In this lesson, I brought several picture magazines and calendars and instruct the students to use at least three different elements from three different resources to work out a design.

For example, one resource had a lovely old barn, another resource had a rickety old barbed wire fence going from foreground to middle ground. A third resource had a river flowing across the middle ground. All three were combined to make a rural scene.

After they decide what to use they must do a pre-project sketch to organize their picture I prefer two such pre-project sketches but one will communicate the idea. Sketching these elements quickly on a small page of newsprint helps to get the ideas formed together where the three elements were combined to create a scene.

Sometimes things like perspective and values need to be corrected between the different resources.

After the pre-project sketch is done the project is begun with the resources and sketches in full view for reference. The final project was done on a full sized page.

(c)Adron Dozat

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