Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Homeschool Art Watercolor Lesson And Building Character

Working with watercolor some home school students learn the character trait of patience. Each step must dry before you proceed to the next layer. Building layer on top of layer adds detail and depth as well as value.

Watercolor can be used many ways but the lesson today was to use layers of wash adding darker hues over the dried lighter hues to get the round shape of the apple.

We set a pair of apples on a tissue and began our project. One apple stood upright and one lay on its side. The first step is to lightly sketch an outline of the apples and the napkin.

We begin our first watercolor wash of the background table top using a light value of brown. Let this step dry before adding the wood grain.

We do our first wash of the apples in clear water and then drop in watery red and let it spread; if necessary we use a rinsed out dry brush to move the paint around but only a little. A little green is added to the wet where the stem is.

Now the hard part! Let it dry before going on to the next layer.  This is almost torture for kids.

When it has dried take a smaller brush and mix some darker reds using some purple or brown. Use these darker reds to add darkness only to the parts of the apple that are darker. Don't overdo it. Let this step dry.

Use some lavender or blue to put shadow in the tissue.

Use some darker browns to "draw" the grain in the wood table top. Use only the tip of the brush and go back and forth over the dried light brown you did at the beginning.

Use a very small brush and finish the apple with the last layer of the darkest reds. Darker tones can be added to the shadows.

Draw the stems in brown.

Unfortunately, I do not have a step by step example but below is the finished project. I did this while standing holding my materials in my hands; this was not steady and by no means my best work. The paint was a student's toy store set of paints.

Apples, Example of Watercolor Art Lesson.
In my home studio, I often use a hair dryer when I have a large project to get done so I can add layers without waiting a long time for each layer to dry.

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