Thursday, January 3, 2013

How To Find an Idea For Drawing With Creativity

Spectrum Homeschool Community Art 1 
Drawing with Creativity
And How to Find Ideas.

Drawing with creativity is a drawing lesson that teaches how to come up with ideas through the free association method. 

Warm ups: 
Warm ups used for an art lesson. 
     1. Cursive "Cs" linked together like ocean waves. 
     2. Flame shapes. 
     3. Squares connecting to make a maze. 
     4. Using scribbling style draw an animal of their own choosing.

When an artist of any discipline have a block of creativity some will use free association methods to acquire ideas. This is done by noting down random thoughts or images, which relaxes the mind and allows the imagination to bring up ideas. The random thoughts can be noted in the margin of the sketchbook or a scrap of paper, or can be done as doodles. The random thoughts can be acquired from items in the room or items from resource materials one uses. After a few minutes, the ideas are experimented with to see if they produce a workable project.

Exercise one.
To help the young artist practice the technique a list of random words will be given, (different w). They are instructed to look at each word one by one and if a word gives an inspiration they write down the inspiration. The student repeats this process with each word until they have a concept for a project.

Step one:    Look at the word from the list.
Step two:   Get an idea from that  word.
Step three:  Record the idea, write down a word or scribble a picture.
Step four:   Explore your ideas on scratch paper.
Step five:   Combine ideas or choose one for your project.

Students are given ten random words from the sample word list below:

candle frog door love heart down cat screen angry bucket sunset ketchup shark spaceship submarine werewolf train bride pumpkin happy dirt crash money street candy window cloud blender stove chair rug book socks hat feather hand nest fish sad bucket tree friend remote river rock dock planter angel gong shoe puppy cake balloon band road trash soda store lost found up down right left clock five two twin tower Africa beach ray car skateboard river rock sing sting band-aid hero foe friend mom dad friend toothpaste egg pan evil good angel scarecrow owl lamp old young tree fire ladder flying running mouse.

These words are not the ideas but are the source of an inspiration. The young student is prone to simply take the words and illustrate them but the goal is to find a new theme or subject from the words.

Exercise two.

Similar to exercise one but without the word list. The student is asked to look around them and write down ten things they see and from those things create a project to draw.

Exercise three.

Similar to those above but without visual:
The student thinks of ten or more words and writes them down until the student gets an inspiration for a drawing.

If time allows the student is to illustrate a scene from a child's story of their choosing.

(c)Adron Dozat