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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Water Color Painting With shadows.

Watercolor Painting With Shadows.
Spectrum art 2 

We will explore adding shadow into a picture by adding colors you might not think of.

We do not add black to make shadow, we mix other colors to give a rich darker color, or a muted color if it is desirable for the composition.

We will use a grid and practice mixing colors to add shadow. The colors in the grid will be opposite on the spectrum. This will be like a chart.

We will practice painting shadows on some basic shapes.

Example Of Shadow Chart.
To the left is an example of the exercise where we made a color chart. The color wheel on the top serves as a reference for the colors from the opposite side of the wheel.

In the example we used various colors (Student's Choice) and in each consecutive box added more of the value from the opposite side of the color wheel to darken the original color. The first column started with a green box next box below added some red for darkening, more red was added further down. The same process was repeated for the blue and the lavender.

Below is an example where a tree was painted and the green was dabbled with some red to give shadows in the tree.

Example of using opposite color for shadow.

(c)Adron Dozat