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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Art 1 How to Use Photos To Compose a Picture.

Spectrum Drawing Art 1
How to Use Photos To Compose A Picture.

Warm up: We begin with four quick exercises to engage the brain. 1. short lines to make a maze. 2. drops of black water like syrup, 3 wavy lines 4. swirl lines like snakes.

Quick sketch challenge:We will draw a nutcracker that I will bring to class. This drawing will be done in 5 minutes.

We will use magazines to find pictures for inspiration. Each student will design their drawing using the inspiration from the magazine. The important thing is to define the point of interest and compose a pleasing picture not just copying the photo. Each student must use no more than 50% of the photo in the drawing, everything else is garnered from their imagination.

Warm up illustration.
Example of warm up exercise done in Spectrum Art 1
Illustration of the Quick Sketch Challenge.

Quick Sketch 5 Minute Drawing.
(c)Adron Dozat