Saturday, October 13, 2012

Status Of The Long Term Project

Some have had questions about the long-term art project for this quarter.

The long term project is a self-portrait. We are approaching the portrait by doing several "Studies" before the final piece. Many times an artist will create several drafts or drawings of a project before doing the intended piece. 

The first study, two weeks ago, was to be a self-portrait in values, not using lines but shapes in different gray tones it is like drawing in the shadows of the face. 

The second study was to be a line study, the opposite of the first this one is only using lines, some students find sharpies help with this one. 

The third study is to use a grid like we did in the class, we imposed a grid over the photo and drew the same grid on the drawing paper so with the assistance of the grid the student can replicate the image on the photo to the drawing paper. 

The final assignment for the long term project will be assigned that with the assistance of the three studies done over the last month the student will do a final portrait. They will take two weeks to do this final "Masterpiece" in time to show work at the November family night. We will take two weeks because I am hoping to be able to have them bring the final to class at least once so I can give a little coaching. 

I hope this it is a taste of foreplanning and using drafts to work out problems in a project while mastering technique.

(c)Adron Dozat