Thursday, October 4, 2012

Spectrum Art Class Art 1 10/4/12

Art 1 10/4

For our warm up we will have three exercises.
     1. A practice blocking in squares using a different value for each square.
     2. We will practice basic circles going around and around each circle a few times to get the shape.
     3. We will use a scribbling technique to draw a turtle.

We will have a demonstration on perspective of receding sizes as they give the appearance of distance, such as telephone poles that are smaller as each one is further away.

We will discuss and draw some basic rules of facial anatomy, such as placing eyes in relationship to each other and the nose mouth etc.

We will have choices today students may choose one or more to do during class:

Option 1. Will be a pumpkin drawing using a model of a pumpkin.

Option 2.Will be a collection of mantle clocks.

Option 3. Will be finding inspiration from magazines.

Option 4. Will be flowers in a vase.

For the long term project we will continue our series of self portraits this week we will do a portrait of our own face but using only lines- no shadows or shading. Students may use markers like a sharpie if they wish.

(c)Adron Dozat

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