Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Supply List For First Quarter

Since first quarter will be basics of drawing for Art 1 and advanced technique in drawing for Art 2 the supply list is very simple.

A basic pencil set which includes
Hb, 2b, 4b,6b pencils,
Both a kneaded eraser, & a latex eraser,
Two or three blending stubs of different sizes.
A sketchbook that is wire bound, and scratch paper.
A clip board or some surface to draw on since we may draw outdoors.

All the above but also a set of charcoal pencils that include a 2b, medium, and soft pencil.

Time will be given for the students to work in a medium of their own choice so they may bring additional supplies of their choice for the for the free time activity.

(c)Adron Dozat

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