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Art 1 Lesson Plans, November 10, 2011

Art 1 Lesson Plans, November 10, 2011

 PRE CLASS: students present work done over the week for instructor’s critique.
OUR INSPIRATION FOR TODAY: "Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid." Proverbs 12:1. NIV. A good artist needs the self discipline to work his craft every day. So also we need self discipline in our lives. There is the discipline that comes from the teacher or master or God we must know that we need that kind of discipline to develop and mature. If we are resentful when someone attempts to correct us we are making a foolish choice.

INSTRUCTION AND DEMONSTRATION ON TECHNIQUE: using random objects for inspiration in creating a composition. I will assemble objects and use ideas from the shapes to create a fantasy scene.

WARM UPS: 1. Today we have a hand out with patterns to copy. 2. Circles like bubbles with shiny highlights. 3. Using scribbling lines to draw a twisted old tree.  4. Repeat patterns like bricks.
copy skill builder for young artist

QUICK DRAW CHALLENGE: We will choose an object and draw it in 4 minutes.

CLASS PROJECTS:  Students may choose from various items to draw including a copper tea pot with flowers in it. A stuffed animal. An old urn. a clock. Pictures of lighthouses from an old calendar. Fruit.
AT HOME THIS WEEK: Our take home skill builder is how to draw a cartoon frog.

Page 26 “The top of the mountain was covered with ice and had of polar bears.” Draw the icy top of the mountain and polar bears. You might use google images to find ideas.  
Page 27 “They attacked but I gave them all my food and ran.” Draw the polar bears eating all your food while you are running away. 
Page 28 ________ (villains name) escaped by flying off the other side of the mountain with a __________ (name something that he could use like a kite or bird or parachute to get off the mountain.) Draw the villain flying down off of the mountain. Draw the land below and the far away lands.

WARNING: You are up to 28 pages. Do not get behind on this- those who do never catch up!

(c)Adron Dozat

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