Thursday, October 13, 2011


Art II Lesson Plans October 13, 2011

PRE CLASS: students present work done over the week for instructor’s critique. Review of last week’s technique. Only positive comments are allowed.

OUR INSPIRATION FOR TODAY: “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33.  Sure we have heard this verse many times but it is still true no matter how often you hear it.  We all want to have success in what we are doing. If our artwork is not working out right it may be because we are not motivated by seeking and glorifying God in it. Remember to ask God for guidance. Ask yourself and God how you can use art for him or more specifically the project you are working on at the time. If you put God first in art, hobbies, work, relationships and whatever else he will bless you.

INSTRUCTION AND DEMONSTRATION ON TECHNIQUE:  A demonstration on a dry brush technique.

CLASS PROJECT:  A rural scene with a cottage, this project may take some students two weeks to complete. This week we will begin the under-painting some dry brushing and some of the shadows etc. Students may complete this at home or next week in class.

AT HOME THIS WEEK: Draw two pictures and paint two pictures. One of these four pictures must be a portrait.

OPTIONAL DRAWING LONG TERM PROJECT: This week do pages 13-14 & 15. Page 13, Write, “I was afraid to tell my family about it so I went out to look for ________ (name of the villain) and get my _______ (name of the heirloom) back.Page 14, Write, “I could see _______ (The villain’s name) far away. Draw the villain far away and he is small and in the mountains. On Page 15 on the top of the page write, “So I started after him.” Draw your avatar running or flying or swimming chasing the villain. On the bottom of the page with “But he was too fast to catch.”

WARNING: You are up to 15 pages. Do not get behind on this- those who do never catch up!
(c)Adron Dozat

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