Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art II Lesson Plans October 6, 2011

OUR INSPIRATION FOR TODAY: Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  God has given us today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow will always be tomorrow we just have today. Treat today like a gift from God. Be thankful for everything that comes your way today good and not so good. Since The Lord made today he is in charge, acknowledge that rest in it and trust Him. God is good, his plans for us are good so what we try to do today should also be touched with his goodness. Be positive and optimistic, do your best remembering the Lord made this day. If things turn out bad say, “Lord I know you are in charge this didn’t turn out like I thought but you are in charge so it’s ok show me what I need to learn from this.” Resolve to rejoice and be glad

INSTRUCTION AND DEMONSTRATION ON TECHNIQUE:   Composing a picture from real life emphasizing how to simplify a complicated subject for interest and effect and working with light.

CLASS PROJECTS: I had a lesson planned but it is such a nice day I decided to save it for later and have the kids practice painting in “plein aire,” (Painting open air- outdoors).

TAKE HOME SKILLBUILDERS: How to draw a country cottage.

AT HOME THIS WEEK: Use the take home skill builder and sketch on your watercolor paper an outline of the cottage, with gardens and trees. We will be doing this as our class project next week and will need every minute to work on it so come to class with your outline already laid out, taped down and ready to paint you will not have enough time in class to draw the cottage.
Draw 2 pictures your choice of subjects.  Be ready to show one to class next week. Paint 2 pictures, your choice of subjects, Be ready to show one to class next week.

LONG TERM PROJECT: (optional) The mystery of the lost heirloom.”  This week do pages 10-11-12. Page 10 Write “One day a stranger joined our caravan his name was _________, (give the villain a name) I didn’t trust him. Draw a portrait of this person he is a villain.  Page 11 He  was always poking around looking at our things. I kept an eye on him. Draw the villain going through your things and you are spying on him. Page 12 Write, “the next morning he was gone. And so was my (your heirloom).” Draw a picture of yourself all upset. You can have the hiding place of your heirloom in the picture and empty.

WARNING: You are up to 12 pages. Do not get behind on this- last year those who did never caught up!

(c)Adron Dozat

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