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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art II Lesson Plans September 15, 2011

PRE CLASS: Introductions and getting everybody’s name right.

OUR INSPIRATION FOR TODAY: II Corinthians 5:7,”We live by faith not by sight” To say we live a certain way is to say that way is in everything we do. IF we live by faith then faith in God should be in everything we do. You can start your drawing or anything else with a silent prayer for God to be your helper and your work to honor him. But if we live by sight we will be always judging the end too soon, like at the very beginning and may quit up or go against what God wants to do. If we live by faith we can keep going even if what we are doing doesn’t look beautiful at first; we believe God will make it beautiful when he is ready.

INSTRUCTION AND DEMONSTRATION ON TECHNIQUE:  Tools of the trade, information about the materials of watercolor, (more will be given as we progress through the year. Water color wash technique will be demonstrated and supported by the class projects.

CLASS PROJECTS: 1. Our first painting is a sunrise over a field with a deer and trees in silhouette.  2. Our second project will be to sketch and paint with washes three tennis balls.

ON YOUR OWN THIS WEEK, Yes it’s homework: Using the wash technique we practiced in class do two additional paintings. One is to be something from the kitchen; the second painting is any subject of your choosing. Be ready to show one of these to the class next week. Drawing is the foundation to painting so draw in pencil two pictures this week- spend at least an hour on each one, you don’t have to do it all at once. Be ready to show one of the drawings to class. (The long term project may be subtitled for drawing homework).  

LONG TERM PROJECT, optional but encouraged: Every week we will illustrate two or three sentences that are part of a story. This is an opportunity to draw fantasy and still practice what we are learning in class. The title of this story is the “Mystery of the Lost Heirloom.” It will take place in a world or universe of your own creation, it could be Narnia, Middle earth, fairyland, outer-space, medieval times or something completely unique,
Art 2 students may use any medium. In a sketchbook set aside just for this project alone illustrate in your most artistic lettering the title of the story, “The mystery of the lost heirloom.”  Take your time, draw lightly at first and then go over the letters to make them look good. You might want to practice on a separate sheet of paper first. Use a ruler to make things centered and straight. The second page will be a picture of your avatar. This story is in first person and you are the person telling it so draw a portrait of your fantasy person. It could be anything, a dwarf, a fairy, a warrior, a gnome, troll, person, animal creature or something you make up. On the page in your best artistic lettering write, ”My name is ______ (put your avatar’s name in) I am a _____ (tell what your creature person is). 
The third page is a picture of some way of traveling, it could be a wagon, flying carpet, space ship, hippy van, hot air balloon with a house underneath or anything you can think of. Then in your best hand writing write I am a wandering musician and travel with my family in a _____ (Describe your way of traveling).

WARNING: Do not get behind on this- last year those who did never caught up!

Positive peer comments are encouraged but it is my policy that no one is allowed to critique or adversely comment on another person’s work in class except the instructor.

(c)Adron Dozat

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