Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to Draw a Portrait of Robin Hood, a Lesson for a Young Artist.

How to draw Robin Hood.

This is a face that is slightly turned so you get to add a little interest in your picture. 

When you start on this don' start with the hat or beard save those fun things for the end, and do the hair last so you don't get distracted.

Start simple, draw the oval of the face and the jaw line; since it is turned the jaw will be mostly sideways. Use a lightly drawn line up and down left of center to keep the face in proportion. Mark off the positions of the face like drawing a map of the project. The eyes are half way down and the nose is half way from the eyes to the chin, the mouth will be about half  way from the nose to the chin. The  ear should not be too far over or else he  will look too wide. The top of the ear is about the top of the eyes and the bottom of the ear is about on level with the nose.

Draw the circles for the eyes they will be just slightly closer together than a full face view. I gave him happy smiling eyes by making the shape of the eyes arch like like a rainbow with a little roll of wrinkle beneath them. The nose is just one long wavy line.

 No need to draw the upper lip his mustache hides it. There are different ways to draw a beard I gave him a short one. A beard is a fun way to hid a chin. Add the hat last but make sure it is not just floating on the top of the head, the last thing I draw is the hair.

 Don't forget the arrows that is how people know it is robin hood.

(c)Adron Dozat

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