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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lesson Plans for 1/13/11

Spectrum art class January 13/2011.
Warm ups: 1 Curley "Qs" like ocean waves.  2. a face using only shadows to create negative and positive space. draw it without lines only shapes. 3. Two sided lighting bolts. 4. A pelican standing.  drawn only in silhouette.
We discussed composition in landscape drawing. Building on fore ground and back ground, we introduced point of interest in the composition. determining the horizon line in composing a landscape.
We began  a two week unit on mounting artwork, With a demonstration. The students selected a picture from their portfolio to mount. 
Optional take home projects included a confidence building task drawing from a formula a mouse,  and a fantasy hero.
Our inspiration for today is from proverbs 16:3 "Commit to the Lord what ever you do and your plans will succeed." (I don't remember if I already used this one but it is such a treasured thought I personally come to it often). This verse is a promise from God that if we commit to him what ever we do we will have success. But we must remember if we are committing to God whatever we do it should be our best, or else it would be an insult to God, it must be done humbly, reverently, and unselfishly .  If we honor God in our lives He will honor us.

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