Friday, September 16, 2016

How To Paint a Picture of a Man Playing A Guitar.

This printable art lesson and the worksheet below is perfect for the young artist. It will help to give a foundation for basic painting.

I made this worksheet as a hand out to give my art students so they could take it home and practice painting on their own. Parents, teachers and homeschool families will be able to use this to inspire and encourage basic art skills in their students.

Learning to paint takes time and practice. Do not give up if your work does not turn out the way you had hoped. Frustration is a good sign- it shows that you have the gift of art and that you just need to get your skills up to the level of your talent, so paint and draw every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures. Bookmark this site and come back to try other projects I am always adding more.

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How To Paint A Picture Of A Man With Guitar, Worksheet

Here are two files that have been updated to print better.

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Trace the design on watercolor paper. If it is too hard to trace try to hold it against a window with the light coming through to see it better.

Use watery brown for the background and watery blue for the floor. Drop in a little mustard yellow into the brown and a little violet and lavender into the blue floor to give it some life.

For the first layer of the clothing use very light blue for the shirt and dark blue for the pants, hat, and shoes.

Mix a little red with the mustard yellow for the guitar body.


Use a darker light blue and add details and shadows to the shirt. Use black and go over the pants, shoes, hat, and socks but leave some of the blue showing for highlights.

Use orange-brown for the skin, after it dries mix dark brown for the shadows in the face and hands. Use red-brown to detail the guitar. Use yellow for the chair and blue-brown for the shadows on the chair.  With the tip of the brush "Draw" the beard, and eyelashes.

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